Frequently asked questions about my WoW lifestyle; last updated December 16:th 2017.

Q: How much total time in-game have you spent since the release of WoW?
A: Caridwen, my first ever character created on the 11:th of February 2005 (about 3 minutes after WoW was released in Europe) is up at 580+ days /played. And that's just ONE character. I currently have 31 level 110 chars. Calculating the total /played time overall would not really be accurate for IRL-time measurement.

Q: ... which means how many hours ingame on an average day?
A: I used to play around 14-16 hours a day, but nowadays when working 40+ hours a week, it's down to weekends only (unless i'm working then too).

Q: How often are you told to "Get a life"?
A: Weeeeell.. Sometimes I get whispered stuff like that but I guess that mostly comes from the typical 16-year old minecraft-kid who has his mom hanging over them. If they had the money to do it, they SO would multibox too. It's all about the jealousy.

Q: How many hours do you sleep per night? During which hours are you mostly awake?
A: It varies a lot, depends on.. a lot of things. Sometimes we might watch movies all night long, and from that point on it's all screwed! Sometimes i sleep as much as 16 hours, sometimes 6-7. My record however is 23 hours continuous sleep.

Q: How on earth do you make a living?
A: I work with computers, which means I'd sit here whether I would play WoW or not.

Q: How's your food situation, is it all pizza and takeaway?
A: Nono, I eat pizza maybe once per month, TOPS two times per month. I'm allergic to a SHITLOAD of things really, including red meat, but I try to eat as much fish and pasta etc as possible, and I make a lot of food myself. I didn't exactly choose to be a semi-vegetarian, but that's how life is sometimes, it's been like this for 20 years now so I'm pretty used to it. I make all my food myself, and it's healthy stuff.

Q: What is so addicting and fun about WoW to keep you interested like this?
A: Well, From the beginning (in vanilla 2005) I was a sucker for faction's reputation, tried to farm a little bit of reputation every day, but sometimes there was like a week gone by *poof* and I realized I'd been slacking. Nowadays I've traded the reputation farming and raiding end-game content, world-PvP while multiboxing and running old vanilla, TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm, Pandaria & Draenor raids.

Q: Would you consider yourself addicted? Could you stop if you wanted to?
A: You think anyone can be more addicted than this? I don't want to stop but I'm pretty f-ing sure that even if I wanted to stop, I wouldn't be able to. Not in a million years.. But who's to say I have to stop? It's not interfering with my life in any way -- neither socially or economically.

Q: What about love life? Social life? Don't you feel you are missing out on it?
A: I have the best fiancee I could ever wish for. We get along better than anything I have ever experienced! It's not a problem -- on the contrary! That part of my life IS priority, and it does work very good. We're on our 9:th year now, and we haven't had even the slightest problem or argument ever.

Q: Are you healthy? fit?
A: Well, I think so.. Everything is relative though, but hey; I'm 168cm tall and weigh 58kg (that's 66 inches and 127 pounds), which isn't a lot really, quite normal I would think. I'm the type of person who can eat nothing for a week, or just totally eat like a pig 4 times a day, and my weight wouldn't go either up or down.

Q: Happy?
A: Well, I do what I like to do every day, no one tells me what to do, no boundaries, and I have fun every day. Can't really get much better than that, plus we go out a lot and eat, go for walks, travel around ..

Q: Would you recommend or warn people about living like this?
A: I would definately not encourage anyone to do this, I even try to keep people from starting to play WoW. It takes a special kind of IRL-situation to be able to.

Q: Could you see yourself feeling you had enough any time soon?
A: With the new expansion called Battle for Azeroth just around the corner? No, not really. Slowing it down a bit maybe, but not quitting.

Q: What are your goals for the future? do you plan anything else BUT this?
A: Well ofcourse, I have a LOAD of plans, but it's for 2,5 - 3 years ahead .. Need-to-know basis information :P ..