"Why multibox?" -- that's the question I keep getting. Let me tell you why. In my case it's 7 characters at the same time. 7 characters have more DPS than one -- no, really! Also, being able to solo raids, instances, heroics etc isn't all that bad. Or for pvp, 7 Warlocks means 42 dots on one target at the same time as having 14 pets, 7x wild imps swarm at the same time as chain-fear. Or how about playing Death Knights on the Broken Shore, with all the rares, Sentinax- and Unstable Portals.

Having 7 characters also means 7x chance of pets and mounts to drop on EVERY SINGLE KILL, on mobs/bosses/rares that has something in their loot table.

Currently in Legion, I make millions of gold a day if I farm properly. This is 2 hours of farming:

.. So why multibox? Because I can! ;D

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